About Us


Complete Care Restoration Services is centrally located at 14435-116 Avenue in Edmonton, Alberta to allow equal access to the greater Edmonton area. With more than 15000 sf of office/warehouse space, Complete Care Restoration is equipped to service all restoration projects. Our warehouse is outfitted with fully insured and climate controlled storage vaults for insured contents storage allowing us to ensure all contents are independent of other projects, secured with locks by each project manager. In house fire cleaning assembly line station, in house laundry services, and ozone and hydroxyl deodorization chambers allow us to process, re-pack and store contents in an efficient manner. Our drive-thru design allows affected contents to enter the facility, be processed for cleaning, packed and stored for move back in a cross contamination free system.

Ample client parking exists along with a locking gated compound which houses all company vehicles as well as debris disposal facilities and locking covered hazardous material disposal facilities.

Complete Care Restoration maintains a fleet of service vehicles consisting of emergency services trucks and vans outfitted for claims and always displaying our corporate presence. Our moving trucks are complete with packing materials, moving blankets, dollies and air sleds at all times, and our water extraction/carpet cleaning trucks are prepared to move to a new claim at all times with drying equipment and emergency supplies pre-loaded. All our of vehicles are equally equipped with emergency safety equipment including staff personal protective equipment, fire extinguishers, first aid kits and emergency road side kits. 

Choosing your partners to assist in the completion of any claims process is a crucial decision. After all, anyone you contract to provide services to an insured and their property is a direct reflection of you and your organization. When disaster strikes, a homeowner entrusts their insurance company or property manager to act in their best interests and provide peace of mind. Ensuring you have individuals of integrity with high standards of care working towards the best interests of you and your client can provide assurance your standards are not being compromised.

Complete Care Restoration has only one focus: making homeowners feel that everything is being done to help them during their loss. There truly is no silver lining to an unfortunate situation for your insured and client, but responding with empathy, attention and effort at all times will make the best of a bad situation. At Complete Care Restoration, we strive to do just that.

New claims are attended to on a prompt priority basis and we take the time to understand the insured’s perspective on the claim fully and identify all areas of concern with a communicated plan of action. When asked to inspect a property to determine extent of damage we always provide a full written report of our findings along with photo documentation and recommendations. We also utilize the latest non-invasive inspection techniques such as thermal imaging and electrical impedance meters to provide inspection data without destructive or inconvenient measures.

The insured is aware in advance of each stage of work to be performed and whenever possible a written schedule of action is provided. Our staff makes a courtesy phone call prior to arriving at any site and our vehicles and employees are identified with Complete Care Restoration logos and uniforms. Our individual staff take the time to introduce themselves to the insured’s and build a rapport. Though each stage of work we discuss what has been completed and what the next step will be and make sure the home owner is pleased with the progress throughout the claim. While the property is our work place while tasks are being performed, it is their home when we depart each day. Respect for the property, their belongings and the homeowner themselves is tantamount in our role as a contractor. We endeavor to take any and every step possible to protect the site during our work and ensure that the pride we take in our tasks is obviously displayed.

You and your clients have a choice to make in addressing needs at a time of loss. We hope to make that an easy decision for you with our enhanced level of attention, communication, quality of work and personal touch on each and every claim. 

Complete Care Restoration has extensive written policies and procedures for each and every job description from Project Manager, Emergency Technician, Contents Technician and Repair Technician. These metrics are monitored and supported on a constant basis by our owner/operators to ensure consistency on each and every claim. We closely monitor targets of timeliness, information dissemination, documentation and tracking of claims status and follow up with insureds to ensure an exceptional level of attention and customer services is being delivered. As always, we are happy to answer any and all questions you may have with regard to Complete Care Restoration.